Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

For the first time, we are having a Permafrost Community Event in Fairbanks. We will have all of our displays, including a virtual tour of the Permafrost Tunnel in a portable planetarium and Pingo Peat the Inflatable Woolly Mammoth. Please come to learn about permafrost. It will be fun for all ages.




We debuted our life-size inflatable woolly mammoth at the Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks, where had people vote on different permafrost-related names. The winner ended up being a combination of two names, Pingo Peat. A pingo is a small hill that can form on permafrost with an ice core. While, peat is ancient vegetation that decays when permafrost thawing and gives it a unique smell. Here is a news article about naming Pingo Peat: Tanana Valley fairgoers vote to name giant inflatable mammoth.

The next chance to see Pingo Peat the Woolly Mammoth is at our Permafrost Community Event at Morris Thompson on Sept, 10th.